The secret of Scarab’s single engine sweeper


With the end of the tax rebate on red diesel, Scarab’s single engine sweeper comes into its own.

Council depots see attempted fuel thefts in wake of price hikes


A Warwickshire council has been forced to step up security at depots following attempted fuel thefts.

Carbon cutting fuels trialled by FCC Environment in Wychavon


New ways to power street cleaning and waste and recycling collection vehicles are being trialled in Wychavon as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions.

Spring Statement: Fleets’ fuel bills to fall by £500


Fleets’ fuel bills could fall by more than £500 this year thanks to the fuel duty reduction announced in the Spring, say experts.

Waste businesses warn of closures due to red diesel ban


The end of the red diesel tax rebate could result in redundancies and closures, businesses warn.

Red diesel ban ‘tangible threat’ to waste strategy


The Chancellor has been warned that the red diesel ban is ‘counter intuitive’ and presents ‘a tangible threat’ to the Government’s waste strategy.

Tax break on red diesel vital in wake of Russian sanctions


SME builders are lobbying the Government to hold off scrapping the tax rebate on red diesel due to the war in Ukraine.

Ban on red diesel ‘ill-conceived’


Plans to end the red diesel exemption for several industry sectors will impact on the UK’s cost of living crisis and threaten the journey towards net zero, resource managers say.

Council makes switch to green diesel for a cleaner collection


Portsmouth City Council's waste collection vehicles will be using a cleaner fuel created from vegetable oil in order to comply with the city’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ).

Extend red diesel support for waste sector, says renewable energy group


The UK’s largest trade association for renewable energy has urged the Government to delay the removal of the entitlement to use red diesel in the waste sector for one year.

Getting beyond diesel and petrol HGVs


The forthcoming ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol HGVs is a challenge for local authority fleets. ARI Fleet UK’s Nimesh Chauhan looks at the hurdles ahead.

Council to run on eco-friendly fuel


East Suffolk Council is taking further steps to reduce its impact on the environment by switching to an eco-friendly fuel for its fleet of vehicles.

Council switches entire fleet to new Gas To Liquid


Luton Council has switched its entire 300 vehicle fleet from using diesel fuel to the new Gas To Liquid (GTL) fuel.

Petrol rises for sixth straight month


April marked the sixth month of rising petrol prices with another penny being added on at the country’s forecourts, new RAC Fuel Watch figures reveal.

Fleet managers to benefit from free route optimisation tool


Trakm8 has announced its Insight Optimisation platform will be available for free during the Covid019 crisis to support fleets of all sizes.

New guide highlights low carbon and sustainable fuel opportunities for fleet decarbonisation


A new guide from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) for fleet operators shows how renewable fuels can immediately cut greenhouse gas emissions in road transport, particularly from commercial vehicles for which few low emission solutions are currently available.

The role of fuel additives


While the automotive and fleet sector focuses on alternative fuels and EV fleets, people often overlook the role fuel additives can play in reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

NYC Fleet launches report on biofuels


Deputy Commissioner and Chief Fleet Officer for the City of New York, Keith Kerman highlights how the City has carried out comprehensive research on biofuel.


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