Truckman has developed the RS-3 for the Toyota Hilux Active, a British-built commercial hardtop which features remote central locking on the side doors and the rear tailgate.

The cab-height of the Truckman, RS-3, can be specified as double for the Hilux Active models. The hardtop was successfully launched earlier this year for the Isuzu D-Max with further OEM models due for release soon.

The vehicle features gull-wing doors which, along with the rear door, the hardtop has been designed for engineer and service mechanics to provide easy access to tools and equipment in the truck bed. It can also be fitted with Truckman’s range of racking and drawers, which can be installed to help users organise and store tools and equipment.

The vehicle is suited for off-highway and construction site projects thanks to its robust structure. Additionally, it features security features with remote central locking on all three doors and a tinted rear door to keep the truck bed contents from view.

The RS-3 comes standard in an OEM colour matched white gel superior gloss finish, which offers a better finish compared to the conventional wet paint finish. The gel coat provides chemical and impact resistance – as well as reducing lead times and costs. The hard-wearing gel coat is much thicker than wet paint so even deep scratches to the hardtop’s exterior can be polished out. The gel coat has UV protection to provide a durable long-term gel white finish.

The truck can also be specified in a variety of colour-coded finishes to match the Hilux Active range. It can include additions such optional lights, vents, bespoke wiring and beacons.

Mike Wheeler, Executive Chairman of Truckman, said: 'The Truckman RS-3 has proven to be a popular addition to our durable British-built commercial hardtop range and we are pleased to introduce a version for the Toyota Hilux Active model. It provides an excellent option for engineers to securely store and transport tools and equipment and set up a mobile workshop in off-highway and construction site locations.

'With its three-door access, the hardtop is ideal for engineers who need to quickly reach kit and equipment and carry out tasks more efficiently.'