Company profiles

NTM-GB – A Market Leader for Refuse Collection Vehicles


NTM-GB is an engineering company that develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains refuse and recycling material collection vehicles.

Dawsongroup emc – experts in service excellence


Dawsongroup emc is the UK’s leading supplier of self-drive municipal, industrial, and specialist vehicles for sale and contract hire. From compact road sweepers to gully tankers, RCVs, and tippers for hire, we have one of the most premium fleets on the asset rental market.

Contract Plant Rental |The UKs Most Specialist Plant Solutions Provider


“You choose the OEM, we do the rest” - As one of the most specialised businesses operating within the UK’s fully integrated plant solutions and self-drive rental industries, Contract Plant Rental was established in 2016, a subsidiary of Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd, a company with a long history and strong foothold in construction sales and hire, transport, logistics and manufacturing.

Scarab Sweepers | Accelerating society’s transition to a cleaner, healthier environment


Scarab Sweepers is a global leader in the design and manufacture of cleansing vehicles for municipal, highway and off-highway applications.


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