Sustainability consultants Tunley Environmental has calculated the CO2 emissions of Lunaz’s upcycled and electrified Mercedez-Benz Econic refuse trucks.

Tunley Environmental was commissioned by Lunaz to evaluate the CO2 emissions involved in the production, installation, use, and end-of-life treatment of the vehicles.

The Lifecycle Carbon Analysis also compared Lunaz’s upcycled electric vehicles (UEVs) to new all-electric equivalents, finding CO2 emissions to be reduced by 43 tonnes.

Lunaz’s upcycling process involves recycling the engine and associated systems of end-of-life diesel refuse trucks and replacing them with electric powertrains.

After seven years, Lunaz refurbishes the vehicle again, with a third refurbishment possible seven years after that. The report calculated total CO2 emissions over three seven-year operating lifetimes.

Lunaz has signed fleet electrification agreements with UK local authorities and sustainable waste management company Biffa.

Lunaz founder David Lorenz said: ‘At a time when investment in sustainable technologies and solutions, especially around transport, is front and centre in the news and legislation, this report is a huge vote of confidence not just in our upcycling process, but in electric propulsion generally.’

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