NTM-GB is one of the biggest suppliers of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) in the UK. LAPV sat down with Managing Director Grahame Jones to find out more.

Who are NTM-GB Ltd?

As part of an international Group, NTM-GB has its home in Kidderminster, where we design and manufacture the best in class refuse and recycling collection vehicles for both the UK and European markets.

Through adopting a dynamic, goal-oriented approach to product development, quality and customer service, NTM-GB has evolved into becoming one of the biggest suppliers of RCVs [refuse collection vehicles] in the UK Market.

NTM recently celebrated 20 years of business within the UK. What are the main lessons the company has learnt over those two decades?

It’s a great endorsement of our products, services, and people that our business in the UK has flourished over the last 20 years. And the good news is we are rapidly growing as more new customers see the full benefit of working with NTM-GB.

The secret to our success is that we have a great team who actively listen to our customer needs and then work hard in building RCVs to meet their exacting requirements. In our view each customer will have differing needs and it’s our job to fulfil those needs with a genuine value for money solution.

NTM introduced their Quatro to the UK last year. Could you tell us a bit about this recycling and waste system and how it might help local government in the UK?

The NTM Quatro has a unique four-chamber system in a single vehicle, with each chamber able to collect differing volumes and waste streams at the same time – the first truly four-in-one refuse collection solution.

The vehicle, with its unique bin lift system, allows for the lifting and emptying of four waste fractions in a single operation, thus saving both time and money for local authorities. Plus, it also helps minimise the lifting and handling process for both operators and householders.

The NTM Quatro system is already well established in Scandinavia and the trials conducted in the UK have highlighted the potential for large cost savings for local authorities whilst truly realising the recycling at source model. It is also available in a wide range of chassis options and will be engineered to the customer’s specific and exacting requirements.

We already have a number of local authorities planning to trial the NTM Quatro system in 2024 and they won’t be disappointed when they get it on the road!

Fleet decarbonisation is a major issue. Can NTM offer councils electric solutions to help with this difficult journey?

NTM-GB has a great reputation for innovation with all our products and services and when it comes to electric vehicles it’s no different.

We are able to provide an extensive range of electric vehicle solutions for our RCVs, as a result of our working with all the leading chassis manufacturers. This means we can work with local authorities to review all the options and then deliver to their exact requirements.

Also with the electric vehicle technology continually developing, NTM-GB are at the forefront in developing our vehicles to embrace all these developments.

What do you see as the major issues facing local authority fleets over the next 10 years?

With the changes in waste collection requirements and legislation, we understand that local authorities are facing many challenges in collecting recyclable and food waste. And this is all happening at a time where their resources are being stretched.

Therefore, our approach at NTM-GB is very simple. We work with local authorities to understand their needs and then design the most affordable and practical solutions. But it doesn’t stop when a local authority takes delivery of their NTM vehicle. We then work with them to extend the life of their NTM vehicles with our professional support team.

And then the great news for all our customers is that NTM-GB have a number of exciting and innovative new vehicles coming to the market during the coming year – so watch this space!

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