The first purpose built, fully integrated electric refuse collection vehicle built by an original equipment manufacturer in the UK will be undergoing trials in Oxford this week.

Oxford Direct Services (ODS), which manages all the waste collection for Oxford City Council and many local businesses, is leading the trial of the Dennis Eagle Ltd vehicle, and will be assessing how it performs while collecting waste from both household and business premises.

‘We’re really excited to be testing the new all-electric refuse collection vehicle (eRCV) this month,’ said Maria Warner, Waste and Recycling Services Manager at ODS.

‘This is a very significant investment for us and a major step forward for Oxford. ODS has 27 RCVs to cover all the homes and businesses in Oxford. When each of these is electric that will be almost 750 tonnes less CO2 pumped out by Oxford per year or the weight of one average car every day.’

ODS, which is wholly owned by Oxford City Council, is aiming to electrify 25% of its fleet of 339 vehicles by 2023.

The new vehicle will have a quieter engine and lifting machinery than existing diesel trucks, and will have no exhaust emissions at all.

Ms Warner explained that every waste collection round is different and puts a different strain on the vehicle, which is why it is important to test them out before taking delivery.

Dennis Eagle’s Sales and Marketing Director Richard Taylor commented: ‘The eCollect offers zero emissions and very quiet operation and is designed to operate in busy urban environments. We’re confident this highly efficient and cost-effective vehicle will meet Oxford’s operational needs as well as its vision for a cleaner, greener future.’