East Suffolk Council is taking steps to reduce its carbon emissions by introducing six new electric vehicles to its fleet run by partners, East Suffolk Norse.

The environment is a key principle of East Suffolk’s Strategic Plan and, alongside its declaration of a climate emergency last year, the council is committed to environmental issues and fighting climate change.

‘Tackling climate change is a priority for East Suffolk Council, and we have pledged to become carbon-neutral by 2030,’ said Cllr James Mallinder, Cabinet Member for the Environment.

‘Introducing these carbon-emission free vehicles to our fleet is just another example of how committed and proactive we are in achieving that target.

‘And not only are they a great addition to our green commitments, contributing to cleaner air, they are also financially beneficial as it costs just 14p per kWh to charge them.

‘I strongly believe that making changes such as these to how we operate will make a big difference over time and help build a legacy for future generations. Personally, I will be very proud to see them on our roads.’