East Lothian Council is getting ready to roll out their new fleet of Romaquip’s Kerb-Sort vehicles on 20th September.

The vehicles, which will be introduced in partnership with the waste management company FCC Environment, have multiple compartments for source segregation of waste such as plastics, cans, food, paper, batteries, WEE, glass & cardboard and also come with high compaction cardboard systems designed to allow the vehicle to hold up-to one tonne of cardboard.

The vehicles are also all equipped with the safety features designed and tested by Romaquip such as RFID sensors, load weight monitoring, CCTV recording systems and noise reducing cladding to the glass bays ensuring the Kerb-Sort is the quietest vehicle on the market.

‘The benefits of using a Romaquip Kerb-Sort recycling vehicle can be clearly seen all over the UK with our customers reporting a rapid increase in recycling rates soon after they start using Romaquip Kerb-Sort vehicles,’ a statement from Romaquip said.

‘We wish East Lothian Council all the best with their new vehicles.’