West Oxfordshire District Council has dropped kerbside collections for engine oil and car batteries due to low demand.

The council says it will no longer pick up engine oil from the kerbside for recycling because of a lack of uptake by residents.

The changes follow a recent decision to stop the kerbside collection of car batteries, which was also not a popular service.

‘We’re proud that our recycling rate puts us among some of the best performing areas in the country and that’s all thanks to West Oxfordshire’s residents,’ said Cllr Norman MacRae, cabinet member for environment at West Oxfordshire District Council.

‘However, to keep our waste and recycling services running efficiently and most cost-effectively for the taxpayer, it’s important that we revisit periodically the services we offer to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

‘Therefore, we have decided to no longer accept engine oil and car batteries from the kerb following a review of our recycling services. The vast majority of households do not use these marginal services so, in light of this, combined with meeting external challenges such as rising fuel prices, it makes financial and practical sense to withdraw them.’