NTM-GB is an engineering company that develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains refuse and recycling material collection vehicles. By adopting a goal-oriented approach to product development and quality, NTM-GB has evolved into one of the biggest players in the UK Market. However, NTM’s market reach stretches beyond the UK, with the company having a presence in Finland, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Croatia, and the Baltic states.

The Group’s parent company is based in Närpes on the Finnish west coast. NTM was founded in 1950 by Lennart Nordin and the Group currently has around 650 employees and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Estonia, the UK, Russia, Germany, Poland, and Canada.

The company’s success is based on three strengths: a customer-oriented approach, know-how and quality.

At NTM, we take immense pride in delivering the finest experience for our customers when they purchase any of our vehicles.

Top-notch customer support – Our number one priority is to keep our customers operational and their vehicle on the road 365 days a year, which is why we have a five-star customer service provision. This includes:

Tailored service level agreements – We offer the choice of full-service contracts or service-as-you-go contracts.

Bespoke customer vehicles – We can design our vehicles to our customers exact requirements including different chassis types and a range of optional extras included on the vehicle. This allows the customer to design their vehicle exactly how they imagine it.

Service and maintenance excellence – Our engineers are experts in their field, fully trained, and both road- and workshop-based. We also have a technical support team who are always on hand to assist you with any trouble you may encounter.

Nationwide support and roadside assistance – We offer nationwide roadside assistance for any breakdowns or vehicle faults.

Preventative maintenance inspections (PMI) – We will be happy to arrange of our experienced engineers to come to your premises and carry out inspections to inform you of the serviceability of your vehicles.

Our product Range consist of:

• Rear Loaders

• Front End Loaders

• Plastic Bodied Tippers

• Multichambered Refuse Vehicles

• Electric Vehicles

• Side Loaders

• Special Solution Vehicles (Collection of Food & Glass)

Pictured: MAS + FK Pod – Unique design for collecting Food & Glass waste with liquid content.

Närpes Trä & Metall was founded on 27.4.1950 by Lennart Nordin together with Sigurd Lärka. At the beginning, the wooden products dominated because the metal side manufactured agricultural accessories, as well as repaired machines and cars. For a time, buses were also manufactured at NTM. In the mid-1950s, bodybuilding expanded. In 1954, the first car cabinet was delivered and the series production of cabinets in NTM was the first in Finland to build refrigerators and freezers.

Following success in the Nordic and Baltic regions NTM took the decision to form NTM-GB in 2003 where they soon became one of the market leaders in the supply of compaction and non-compaction refuse and recycling collection vehicles.

Pictured: FL-P (Front end loader) – Designed for easy operation and high degree of reliability.

After eight years of successful business NTM-GB acquired the British firm ‘Link-Tip’ who specialised in polybody refuse solutions. In 2011, the opportunity to expand the production capacity and product range was seized when the LinkTip Kerbside Recycling Group became available to purchase. This gave NTM-GB its own 25,000 square foot production and installation facility in the heart of the West Midlands, along with the newly created NTM LinkTip Ltd portfolio; adding non-compaction vehicles from 3.5t and the innovative Polybody plastic bodied vehicles to the range.

We continued to grow, and our product range increased to include, ground level demount systems, food waste collection vehicles, lifting equipment, kerbside, side and rear loading refuse collection vehicles (RCV), and in 2008 the company launched the Polybody, the first plastic vehicle range.

Pictured: K-Series – Our versatile and flexible refuse vehicle, designed for a chassis with GVW of 6-18 tonnes, perfect for narrow streets/cities & hard to reach areas where bigger RCV’S struggle to access.

Our growth rate in the UK has expanded and we began looking to increase our production capacity and LinkTip Kerbside Recycling and its facilities provided us with the perfect platform to build more body units and increase our large vehicle installation work. As a company we are now able to offer a complete range of products from 3.5 tonne tippers, non-compaction refuse vehicles right up to the largest vehicles in our range, including Front End Loaders and the four compartment NTM Quatro.

Further expansion began with the purchase of a 75,000m2 site in Kidderminster, Worcestershire in 2015. This is where all our vehicles are now produced.

NTM-GB has a vision to be the market leader of refuse and recycling collection vehicles whilst expanding on our exceptional customer service reputation. We value our customers and will endeavour to establish long-term relationships, supplying products which meet or exceed our customer's expectations for quality and service, which will be mutually beneficial for growth and prosperity.

As a business we continue to develop our extensive product portfolio which now includes all vehicle types ranging from 3.5t to 32t.

Pictured: NTM Quatro – Designed to achieve maximum collection efficiency in separation at source collections. The NTM Quatro has a unique four-chamber solution in a single vehicle, with each chamber able to collect differing volumes and waste streams at the same time - The first truly four-in-one refuse collection solution.


Thanks to a strong design and engineering pedigree, we have always been – and will remain – dedicated to meeting our customers exacting requirements with innovative solutions as demonstrated by our extensive range of quality products and services.

With both ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations, we have a genuine focus on delivering exceptional service for all our customers and are dedicated to the ongoing development of our products, processes, and people, to maintain our reputation as a market leading supplier of refuse collection vehicles.

To find out more about NTM-GB Ltd or to see our extensive product range, visit www.ntm-gb.com

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