The newly updated ‘Job Progress’ module has become the first to fully integrate on-vehicle camera and tracking information with waste management data on a single page. Users can now access all the relevant evidence including selecting any vehicle, a job that crew is working on, their location on that route and download footage from multiple on board cameras.

The same technology will also allow users to view live footage from the vehicle to check exactly where it is and what it is doing in real time.

Downloaded footage is stored within the Whitespace system, negating the need for repeated downloads of footage over 4G connections. The system which was developed in partnership with the UK’s main on-board camera providers is compatible with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) technology from Contel, Fleetclear and Vision Techniques.

‘This new cameral integration functionality will significantly improve the resolution time for a range of issues, freeing up time for more positive and proactive tasks,’ said Whitespace’s commercial director, Mike Nicholls.

‘The fact this innovation has been developed in partnership with the major telematics and camera providers means it is highly compatible and will work “off the shelf” for the majority of local authorities and operators.’

To improve security the Whitespace system will now feature Single Sign On with Two Factor Authentication. The system requires users to enter a username and password and also authenticate their identity by using a free app or by entering a 6-digit code sent by SMS.

Mr Nicholls commented: ‘System and data security is our number one priority and the incorporation of two factor authentication will help combat the constant risk of cybercrime or the malicious actions of disgruntled former employees. This best-in-class security has the added bonus of also being easier for the user who will only have to log into one system and remember one set of security credentials.’