I sat down to write a piece which would be an upbeat look at the year ahead. This is proving a bit difficult given the circumstances! However, pandemic aside, a lot is happening in the world of public sector fleet and so I have listed a few of the challenges that we face below.

I could not start this article without referring to the current state of affairs, which seem to be getting worse before they get better. I am however sure that the superb efforts of the public sector workforce will prevail, and through good management and determination the essential work that they carry out will continue unabated.

I will first touch on maintenance records. I am sure most fleet managers are aware of the Traffic Commissioners Office document, Response to Covid 19 – Operator Licensing, Local Bus Service registration and Vocational Driver Conduct. The main section of it covers maintenance intervals during the first lockdown. Whilst the relaxation of these temporary measures ended on 1 September 2020, there is one section which needs to be heeded, namely: ‘PMI intervals can be extended by up to 50% with a maximum of 17 weeks, whichever is the lesser….’

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