Automotive trade association, the BVRLA, has launched a campaign that will support more local authorities in developing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure strategies.

Alongside a pool of resources and guidance, the association is encouraging councils to sign the ‘Fleet Friendly EV Charging Pledge’ to demonstrate their long-term commitment to cleaner transport.

As more electric vehicles come to UK roads, local authorities are being given more responsibility to roll out suitable EV charging infrastructure, often without the support to do so effectively.

Launched as part of a recent drinks reception following the LGA Conference, the Fleet Friendly Charging Pledge is open for any Local Authority to sign. In doing so, they underpin their intention to:

• Consider fleet operators and drivers in charging infrastructure plans and strategies

• Engage with the fleet sector to understand their EV charging requirements

• Provide fleet focused EV charging information and guidance

Toby Poston, BVRLA Director of Corporate Affairs, said: ‘The race to decarbonise our road transport will be won or lost at a local level. Authorities are being asked to spearhead new public charging infrastructure strategies, but most of them are under-resourced, under-funded and dealing with a host of competing transport priorities.

‘The Government’s LEVI funding is hugely important, but policymakers also need support in understanding the needs of different fleet users, whether it is those based locally or those travelling through. Fleets are setting the pace when it comes to decarbonisation and will likely be the biggest early users of any new public infrastructure.

‘We are encouraging our local authority colleagues to consider fleet charging requirements, engage with operators at a local level and then support them where possible.’

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