Siemens Mobility has launched its first dual-fuel field-services van in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, introducing hydrogen to its road vehicle fleet.

The van has been fitted with a green hydrogen fuel tank for use in combination with conventional diesel fuel. This allows the van to achieve about 160-180 miles per gallon in dual-fuel mode, with diesel-only operation available as a back-up. It takes less than 10 minutes to refuel with hydrogen.

The introduction of green hydrogen as a fuel, which is produced from renewable energy sources, reduces carbon emissions and positively contributes to Aberdeen‘s commitment to tackle air pollution and achieve net-zero emissions.

Wilke Reints, managing director intelligent traffic systems for Siemens Mobility Limited, said: ‘There is significant benefit to using green hydrogen as a fuel source for transport. We are all aware that the current energy economy is not sustainable and the level of air pollution is a constant concern.

‘We are delighted to be partnering with Aberdeen City Council – in a city where the energy industry is of paramount importance – to explore an innovative, affordable and environmentally-friendly solution to powering our important field services fleet.

‘We know that reducing emissions from road travel remains a significant challenge. In countries like the UK the transport sector is now responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than any other so the way we travel around – and what we travel in – can make a big difference to our own carbon footprint. Using hydrogen as a fuel source creates real potential to reduce the impact of travelling by road on the environment.’ Aberdeen City Council hydrogen spokesman Cllr Philip Bell commented:

‘It’s fantastic that Siemens Mobility has a hydrogen hybrid van as part of its fleet.

‘It is very fitting that the van will be out and about in the area as Aberdeen is not only the energy capital of Europe but we are also a leader and pioneer of hydrogen technologies. We are delighted to enter this partnership with Siemens Mobility which will encourage greater uptake in the private sector.

‘Greater use of hydrogen is part of our Net Zero Vision which supports Aberdeen’s leading role in energy transition – the city is already leading the way in the UK in developing and deploying renewable technologies to combat global warning and climate change.’

The van, which on average travels 1,000 miles per month around Aberdeen, will be used by Siemens Mobility’s traffic signal maintenance teams to carry out routine installation and service works. It is expected to enter service next month. If the trial is successful, the company will look to introduce the same technology to new additions to its fleet in Aberdeen.