New technologies are accelerating the pace of change for businesses across Europe, with many businesses unsure how developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, data analytics and other innovations will impact their operations in 2020. Against this landscape, we’ve looked at the technologies and innovations that are likely to be the most transformative in the coming year. Here we look at the top trends in technology that will drive the mobile workforce on the road ahead and how they will help transform fleets, supply chains, logistics and businesses themselves.

AI and Machine Learning will open up new possibilities that seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. With more computing power, businesses will be able to capture more data from every aspect of their operations. AI and Machine Learning will also help create new ways to use these insights to transform customer experience.

For increasingly mobile workers, this will result in more ‘frictionless’ engagement with managers. For example, in the event that an electrician be delayed in installing a light fixture, systems should be able to automatically identify the delay and assign another colleague to the next job – all without intervention from the worker or causing inconvenience to customers.

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