Having easy access to reliable data is an absolute must for any fleet operator, whether they are in the public or private sector. Attempting to operate without it is tantamount to flying blindfolded or trying to navigate a rough sea without GPS — it’s not impossible, but it is certainly inadvisable and even dangerous.

Fleet managers are well aware of the importance of data. However, having to deal with multiple data points across numerous legacy systems can be intimidating, confusing and needlessly time consuming, particularly when the information has to be manually collected and analysed. In a typical example data could be coming in from telematics, camera systems, vehicle safety devices and fleet management software, as well as HR, finance and stock systems.

Most fleet management companies are aware that dealing with a deluge of data points is time-consuming and offer software solutions which can help with the collection and interpretation of data.

FleetClear is one such solution. The new telematics and fleet management system from Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) combines vehicle safety systems hardware with fleet management software in order to create a single standardised system to manage, safeguard, monitor and track an entire fleet.

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