Fifteen new refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) are all set to take on the waste and recycling rounds in Crawley, the borough council has announced.

The new Dennis Eagle trucks replace a fleet of RCVs which had come to the end of their working lives after 10 years.

Cllr Bob Noyce, cabinet member for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, said: ‘There is much for us to be positive about with our new fleet of bin collection lorries. They are better able to move around the streets, have the potential to drastically reduce their impact on the environment and they will have some fabulous names picked by schoolchildren and our crews from Biffa.’

The £3m fleet has 25cm narrower chassis and a smaller footprint making them more manoeuvrable. Low-entry cabs will also help the crew get in and out more quickly.

The council also plans to fuel the fleet with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) later in the year, which typically produces 90% lower carbon emissions.

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