Canenco director David Maidman explains that ‘a crucial part of the challenge when we took the contract over was ensuring we had the right technology in place to streamline our operation and optimise efficiency…as part of the mobilisation phase, vehicles and systems were our priority.’

The vehicle onboard camera contract has been awarded to Contel, who provide the local authority trade company with live cameras; a much needed tool to monitor round activity and progress. Alongside this, waste software from Bartec has been introduced, integrating the Contel camera footage and providing a joined-up data platform.

Mr Maidman explains that ‘a key part of the success of the operation is traceability. We needed a solution that would enable us to trace all activity and monitor it in real time, if required.’

The Contel safety camera solution is now installed on all vehicles used for refuse collection, recycling, garden waste, food waste, road sweeping and street cleansing.

Since December 2021, Canenco have also taken responsibility for Canterbury City Council’s grounds maintenance works. The vehicles for this part of the contract are all fitted with Contel’s telematics solution, providing full visibility of their location and activity.

Commenting on this addition to the scope, Mr Maidman says that ‘Contel’s responsiveness has been very impressive. From having a conversation, to placing an order and getting the equipment fitted took less than six weeks.’

Contel’s managing director Andrew Kelly has managed the project from the start and explains that ‘we’ve installed the Defend Connected Live 4G DVR solution across the Canenco fleet, which are integrated with Bartec Collective waste management software. This provides our customer with real time data, which is shared alongside video captured within crew safety audit forms.

‘All systems installed are integrated into Contel Connected – our hardware agnostic asset management system.’

Commenting on how Canenco are using the solution, Mr Maidman explains that ‘the technology is helping us to monitor the health and safety of our waste operations and if claims are made, we have the information at our fingertips to investigate and resolve quickly and efficiently.’