Bedford Borough Council has purchased eight sweepers from Aebi Schmidt.

The council bought four electric eSwingo compact sweepers, which replace diesel versions.

Bedford BC fleet and engineering team leader, Tony Bowers, said: ‘After testing a number of different makes of sweeper, we opted for the eSwingo because it is very quiet so ideal for the town centre and is easily able to carry out a shift on a single charge.’

Aebi Schmidt area sales manager Matthew Elderkin added: ‘With excellent sweeping power and near-silent, carbon-free operation, the eSwingo can be deployed at night or in the early hours of the morning in built-up areas without disturbing the residents, ideal for local authorities operating in tight, urban locations like town centres.’

The council also opted to replace its aging truck-mounted sweepers with three of Aebi Schmidt’s Street King 660s.

Mr Bowers said: ‘In our trials, the SK660s performed very well, they were available in stock and we had buy-in from our driver/operators who were impressed by the performance.’

Bedford BC also purchased a Flexigo 150 compact sweeper, which has articulated steering, permanent four-wheel drive and is fitted with a scrub deck.

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