The programme will include the installation of public charging points at off-street council property across the London borough.

Cabinet member for property, highways and transport, Jonathan Bianco, said: ‘We are committed to creating a green and sustainable borough and will continue to consider effective and efficient climate change measures, that are within our means to adopt and finance, to deliver environmentally friendly changes for our residents.

‘This strategy supports air quality improvements and will help drive the transition to zero carbon transportation.’

The regional managing director of APCOA UK & Ireland and ESG Director of APCOA Group, Kim Challis, said: 'We are excited to support Hillingdon Council to develop their EV charging network.

‘Powering more of the cars we drive with clean energy is essential to address both CO2 emissions and air pollution.

‘Working with public sector clients to help develop and implement their EV charging infrastructure is an important contributor to environmental goals and a key driver for our business.’

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