LAPV decided to make several little'and big'boys very happy. Joshua Malone (3) was treated by NTM-GB and Wiltshire Council to a ride in a brand new RCV. Mercedes-Benz Unimog presented Jose Sanchez de Muniain (5) with a limited edition Unimog U400 from Technical Lego.

Wiltshire Council and NTM GB

Wiltshire Council and NTM-GB are now holders of the world record of having the youngest RCV driver ever. Wiltshire Council recently added to its fleet eight brand new NTM 12 tonne K-standard RCVs, with a bar lift, mounted on a Daf LF45 chassis for the new fortnightly kerbside collection of cardboard and plastic bottles. Joshua is mad about everything on wheels, and especially keen on bin lorries and sweepers. According to our circulation records he is definitely LAPV's youngest reader.

Thanks to Ian McKinnon from Wiltshire Council and Martin Jones, area sales manager for NTM-GB, Joshua had the day of his life when he was allowed to operate the bin lift of the RCV. Ian even took Joshua on a collection round and let him �drive� the truck in the depot, after which the little boy was presented with his own refuse lorry.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Christmas started early in the Sanchez de Muniain household this year with the arrival of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog Lego set, kindly received as a result of the 60th year anniversary celebrations of the world-renowned company. Little Jose (5) couldn't believe his luck when he saw the size of the box, an extraordinary gift of Lego heaven that has had the side-effect of drastically increasing the boy's expectation levels for when the real big day arrives on December 25.

To say the build was challenging would be an understatement, but luckily the construction team could rely on the expertise of L�o the Labrador (5 months) and Mrs Sanchez de Muniain (21 years old at the last count). Special technical help was secured through Anthony Cho (11), whose experience proved crucial during the really fiddly bits.

Little Jose was especially useful in finding �lost� pieces, and by the end of the process had been trained to render Lego urban search and rescue (from the dog) assistance by means of a simple whistle.

The build took three weeks of blood, sweat and tears, with sessions taking place at any time between 6am and 10.30pm, such was the dedication of the Mercedes- Benz/Sanchez de Muniain team.