Delivered in partnership with charging infrastructure provider Be.EV, the new charging bays will be delivered by 2023 with no capital investment from the local authority. The council has instead leased sites to Be.EV, which is responsible for the build and maintenance of the network.

The first tranche of the new sites comes as Department for Transport statistics show that the North West has the lowest level of public charge points per 100,000 population of any English region (32 per 100,0000 people) – far behind the South East (49), West Midlands (42) and London (122).

Chris Morris, director of Transport, Highways and Environment at Trafford Borough Council, said: ‘The aim of this roll-out is to create dependable, fair access to public EV charging across the borough. We want to build the infrastructure that encourages everybody to go electric – even if they can’t charge at home.

‘The team at Be.EV use street-level data to really drill into neighbourhoods and find the locations that make the biggest difference locally. Building bigger hubs that ensure there’s always a free space is part of that strategy.’

Be.EV CEO Asif Ghafoor said: ‘As significant landowners and as representatives of all their residents, councils and cities play in an important role in ensuring a fast and fair delivery of green infrastructure.

‘But, as Trafford Council has shown, they don’t have to do it all. We are delighted to have supported their team with our planning and data expertise and – crucially – with significant capital investment.’