The Groundcare Division of Thomas Sherriff has become an official GKB Machines dealer.

Sherriff's staff had seen GKB products at trade events and reported back that they were impressed with the build quality.

Now the company, based in East Lothian, has taken delivery of its first three machines, a Combiseeder, Sandfilller and SP100 Sandspreader.

The GKB Combiseeder was developed to meet market demand for a fast, efficient way of seeding and surface aerating with virtually no surface disturbance.

The Sandfiller's role was to provide a fast solution to drainage with economic and environmentally friendly intensive aeration and sand filling in a one-pass action.

And the SP100 Sandspreader is a top dresser that conveniently mounts onto a turf truck, such as the ProGator, Truckster or Workman.

A series of product demonstrations saw the three machines were put through their paces.

'GKB came across as a forward-thinking company and, with a background in contracting and maintenance, they have an exceptional insight into what groundsmen and greenkeepers need from products for maintaining sports turf and golf courses,'  said Thomas Sherriff's groundcare manager Richard Scott.

'Seeing these machines in action, the results were obvious and the quality exceptional.

'From the day GKB's operations manager Tom Shinkins came and met us, we have all got on well and he's always there with support should we need it. We're very pleased to be selling the product as GKB dealers'

Thomas Sherriff Groundcare Division covers the Lothian's & Borders regions with seven branches in total, providing sales, parts and service support for commercial, agricultural and consumer equipment.

And when your heritage as a machinery manufacturer and dealer dates back to 1816 you expect nothing less than the best.