The world is obsessed with new. No sooner have we introduced the latest, state of the art, hi-tech, modern ‘thing’ we are then told that the goal posts have moved and said ‘thing’ is no longer the best and we should all be considering ‘thing 2’. Whether the ‘thing’ is a mobile phone, television, audio system car, van or truck, the same seems to apply. Manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies, but it is arguable whether some of them are needed at this relentless pace. In the market for vehicles at least the motivation is heavily influenced by legislation which requires, quite rightly, new vehicles to be both safe (to occupants and pedestrians alike) and energy efficient with emphasis on the ubiquitous carbon footprint.

The ongoing race for the perfect vehicle, powered by the perfect fuel source does however risk creating a desire for replacing vehicles, possibly, too early?

Many businesses have suffered financially as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and consequently future funds to invest in new technologies is under strain. The promised savings for adopting HGV electric vehicles, using the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model, are positive but fragile. Potential increases in taxation and cost of borrowing may be on the horizon as, somehow, the Government has got to pay for the massive increase in debt that has arisen from the reaction to the pandemic.

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