The council’s Connecting Sheffield: City Centre scheme focuses on improving links for people travelling in and around the city centre, with an emphasis on better walking, cycling and public transport routes.

Under these plans, Pinstone Street will continue to be pedestrianised, and a shuttle bus will provide free or low-cost travel for all into and around the city centre.

‘Travelling these days is about more than getting from A to B and these plans will make sure that Sheffielders and visitors to our city have more options when travelling, with healthier choices and safer routes which are also better for the environment.

‘We have spoken to businesses and local people about the idea of a shuttle bus and overwhelmingly the idea has been welcomed. We want to make changes that will make a real difference to the people who live in, work in, and visit the city centre and we’ll continue to engage with people as we develop our plans further.

‘We’ve been working with South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and hope the Government will be providing us with a ZERO-emissions shuttle bus as part of their ZEBRA Fund, however we recognise this may take a little time so will be putting a version of the shuttle bus in place sooner until we are able to go electric.’

To make sure a service can start running as soon as possible, a Diesel Euro VI bus will be used ahead of transitioning to an electric bus following confirmation of funding.