AEBI and Schmidt Groups announced that both companies would merge in order to give rise to a new consortium on the world market.

AEBI is known for manufacturing mechanical systems for the management and maintenance of steep slopes and challenging terrain. It also manufactures equipment that enables the user to clear transport routes, as well as the manufacturing of equipment carriers and single-purpose machines. Its customers come mostly from an agricultural background, but also from local authorities and the rural conservation sector.

Schmidt is well known for its range of winter maintenance equipment, its line of street cleaning equipment and the grounds care division in co-operation with Mulagh. The AEBI-Schmidt Group will restructure its business divisions in two separate streams; municipal and agricultural.

Allison Conroy was sales manager for Schmidt UK at the time of the merger. LAPV asked her for a response. She explained that the merger was of a very friendly nature and that the implications for Schmidt and its clients were extremely positive.

“For us it is going to mean a huge investment over our whole range in order to compete on an ever more competitive global market. Schmidt needed a financial injection in order to encourage the ongoing development of products within the company.

Allison described the new situation as a merger of expertise as well as a financial step. “We view it as an increase in the companies' scope and range,” she added.

“One of the reasons for the merger was the combining of both companies' technical expertise. There is much knowledge that has been built up in the different divisions of Schmidt. You will also see growth based on knowledge. This merger will give us more incentive for growth potential.”