Ringway Jacobs, a leading highway service provider, has been using Peoplesafe’s lone worker protection since 2016. Last year the company’s Health & Safety and Fleet department opted for Peoplesafe and SureCam integration, rolling out a safety solution, which combines the Peoplesafe Pro lone worker mobile phone app with SureCam video telematics.

Dual facing connected dash cams were initially fitted on 163 Ringway Jacobs’ vans and specialist vehicles across the fleet – with more being fitted continuously – enabling footage to be viewed by Peoplesafe’s Alarm Controllers in the event of any alarm being raised on the Pro mobile App.

Drivers scan a QR code using the Pro mobile App to register their unique ID, which confirms who is driving the vehicle. This then automatically enables controllers in the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to access both audio communication and video footage, as well as incident data when an alarm is raised. This could be an injury, illness, accident, or incident of aggression.

David Bonehill, head of Fleet at Ringway Jacobs, said: ‘Health, wellbeing and safety are at the heart of everything we do, so our aim is to always provide a safe working environment for our employees. We are committed to adopting industry best practice technology and processes, which is why we are rolling out the video-enabled lone worker service. This latest initiative, developed with our valued partners at Peoplesafe and SureCam, will not only increase compliance of our lone worker processes, but also extend and enhance the levels of protection we can provide our drivers.’

Footage from forward- and rear-facing vehicle cameras provides immediate visual insight into what has happened, so the most appropriate action can be taken quickly, efficiently, and safely. Not only can incidents be recorded, the combination of mobile app and video also means that access to emergency help is much faster and more efficient than calling 999. The system also supports the driver both in and outside the cab of their vehicle, something not possible with any standard in-cab SOS button function device.

Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe, commented: ‘We’ve been providing peace of mind to over 300 Ringway Jacobs employees for six years and are delighted that the company is now experiencing an improved level of safety and fleet risk reduction, thanks to our new integrated SureCam solution. Drivers are also seeing an increased and enhanced level of support both in and out of their vehicles.’