The Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wides have the capacity to complete a full day’s work on a single charge with zero tailpipe emissions and low traffic noise.

Powered by 265kWh batteries, each truck is equipped with a 22kW on board AC charger and is compatible with DC fast charging up to 150kW, allowing fast charging of the vehicle to extend its daily operational range.

Gerry Marshall, CEO of Recycling Lives, said: ‘This transition to electric skip trucks is just another example of our commitment to environmental innovation. As part of our decarbonisation strategy, we are looking to further reduce our carbon footprint by using more sustainable fuel solutions, this could include for example green hydrogen which is part of our Energy from Waste project.

‘It’s been fantastic to work with Renault Trucks on such a critical product and we would like to thank them for all their support. Moving towards zero-carbon transport solutions is a huge business priority, so we’re looking forward to getting these UK-first electric skip trucks on the road.’

Andrew Scott, head of Electric Mobility for Renault Trucks, added: ‘It has been great to find a proactive partner in Recycling Lives willing to bring electric vehicles into service in such a familiar but demanding environment.’

The first truck has begun its work and Recycling Lives will take delivery of the next in due course.