The new strategy aims to make North Yorkshire the first ‘carbon negative’ region as part of the effort to achieve a net zero target for carbon emissions by 2050.

The proposed strategy, which will be discussed by members of the executive tomorrow, outlines the possibility of decarbonising the fleet of NY Highways’ vehicles.

It also highlights that 10 electric vehicle pool cars are due to be delivered in November, with corresponding charging points at County Hall in Northallerton.

A pilot study is also currently underway to provide domiciliary care workers with electric vehicles and home charging points.

Executive member for climate change Cllr Greg White said: ‘We want to ensure that we play our part in tackling the international climate emergency, while continuing to provide the essential services people rely on.

‘As a county council we have already made great steps to achieving net carbon neutrality by, or close to, 2030 and a climage change strategy will also be at the heart of plans for the new North Yorkshire Council.

‘We want to ensure all our services are contributing towards the "carbon negative region" goal, that we share with district and borough councils, City of York Council, York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and partner organisations including community groups and businesses.'

'However, we do realise that there is no simple solution to reaching that aim and there will inevitably be difficult choices in the huge task of dealing with climate change.’