North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) is switching its fleet to the Fleetclear Connect software platform.

Fleetclear Connect is a fleet management tool encompassing vehicle and driver safety, operational efficiency and compliance.

The council first moved its waste collection fleet over to the Fleetclear Connect system, and said it made an impact in ‘weeks if not days’.

The remainder of the fleet, which facilitates the housing and grounds maintenance departments, is now being transferred over to the platform.

Andrew Mintram, Fleet Manager, NWLDC, said: ‘The driver management tools are invaluable. We were unable to identify who was driving which vehicle, and that meant we couldn’t properly performance manage our driver force.

‘Now we can incentivise and reward best driving practice as well as identify any specific training needs quickly. This helps us to mitigate vehicle damage costs and improve fuel efficiency as we can set up alerts for harsh braking, poor driving technique or speeding.’

All data on the management tool is displayed on a dashboard and stored on Fleetclear’s cyber secure servers, where it can be accessed via the internet.

The dashboard can be customised with information that is specific to each service or operational area.

Chris Waller, Chief Technical Officer, Fleetclear said: ‘We are enjoying working with NWLDC and delighted that our system is having such a positive impact on the council’s fleet operations. We have developed some innovative features to enable a proactive approach to safety such as heat mapping to highlight potential safety concerns.

‘Fleet managers are able to drill down to specific events, find an exact moment in time and share a video of it. It’s a powerful user journey that leads to a better understanding of how a fleet is performing not just overall, but by department, vehicle type or individual driver.’

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