A whitepaper to help organisations manage the risk of the rising grey fleet, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, has been published by DriveTech.

The whitepaper provides guidance on grey fleet management, and raises awareness of the obligations, challenges and risks that using these vehicles presents.

DriveTech said it was essential that fleet managers are given the right advice to ensure they make the safest decisions for their evolving fleet.

Charlie Norman, managing director at DriveTech, said: 'With conventional fleet sales down and the pandemic’s impact dramatically shifting the way in which many people work, now is the time to act and ensure grey fleets are not overlooked and businesses are responsible for all its drivers.

'Driver training is an important way for organisations to fulfil their obligations while helping employees to minimise risk when conducting work-related travel. Maintaining awareness of work journeys, the vehicles and technology involved will be critical to fulfilling duty of care, especially over the next decade as we experience a significant transition within the automotive industry.'

Data from the BVRLA shows there are 10-14 million grey fleets, compared to 1.8 million company fleets.