The vehicle safety experts will install their Brakesafe and Ident Plus safety systems for the council's fleet. The former stops rollaways by implementing a handbrake failsafe system, while the latter prevents theft or injury caused by untrained and unauthorised drivers.

Liam Wilkinson, Hartlepool Council's fleet officer, said: ‘We've worked in partnership with Vision Techniques for over ten years and have relied on their innovations to help us enhance fleet safety.

‘Unfortunately, we've seen instances of rollaways in other parts of the country, and as a local authority, we need to eliminate risk wherever possible. Our absolute priority is to ensure we are creating a safe environment for our people to work in and that our vehicles are the safest they can be for the public, and these products help us do that.’

Marshall Fleming, Vision Techniques’ regional sales manager, added: ‘Our company's purpose has always been to save lives. We've invested in developing new technologies that help make our clients' fleets safer.

‘We have a long and productive working relationship with Hartlepool Council, and they value our expertise and advice. It's a privilege to help them create safer working environments for their employees and residents.’