Designed to safeguard assets with authorised vehicle operation and protection from roll-aways, the Fleetclear system features a specially designed, robust CANBUS safety control unit, which automatically locks the park brake as the driver exits the cab. The vehicle remains immobilised until an authorised driver has been identified using either RFID or a covert actuator.

Chris Waller, technical director, Fleetclear said: ‘Our comprehensive solution requires minimal maintenance and prevents against post installation tampering.

‘The safety unit incorporates fail-safe and internal monitoring systems to protect against component failure, sabotage, and other external influences. Fault conditions and disconnected components are immediately reported to the driver via an audible warning message, and the system includes a daily test mode, so the driver can quickly test each major component before starting a journey.’

Mr Waller added: ‘We provide these pro-active monitoring features to assure fleet managers that the system will leave the depot in full working condition each day.’

The Fleetclear system includes customisable audible warning messages for the driver and a secondary external speaker alert for vehicle operators and the public. An onboard data recorder logs over 50 different event types including critical CANBUS data from the vehicle for up to three years.

Fleetclear runs its own training academy and recently sent a team of engineers to undertake a specialist brake training course at WABCO.

Mr Waller explains why: 'Our system is integrating with vehicle braking systems and it’s crucial that our engineers have a full understanding of how the two systems interact. Ongoing development and training of our team is part and parcel of our culture to ensure that our engineers are fully prepared and up to speed with the latest technological developments.'

Thanks to Fleetclear’s new easy-to-use web-based software platform, Fleetclear Connect, the deployment of anti-roll away technology can be reviewed alongside critical vehicle data and a synchronised integrated video solution.