The accreditation scheme for fleet operators has confirmed there will be no increase to its membership subscription or audit fees during 2020.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) fees have now been fixed at the same rate since 2015, with the hold in membership costs announced as FORS enters its twelfth year of operation.

Now with 5,000 members, FORS provides best practice for transport operators of any size and vehicle make-up, delivering a broad range of training and services to meet their diverse needs.

‘As always, costs remain of huge importance to operators, so it is vital that FORS continues to ensure best value for our diverse membership base,’ said FORS Director, John Hix.

‘Our members recognise the value-add FORS brings, with our recent membership satisfaction survey finding two thirds of members questioned stating that their business had received indirect benefits as a result of FORS membership.

‘Holding our fees at the 2015 level highlights our commitment to our members and recognises their continued investment in driving forward best practice with FORS.’

The FORS 2019 Annual Review, issued this week, revealed that 5,031 FORS Bronze audits were conducted, with an overall pass rate of 73%, compared to 71% in 2018.

One third of respondents highlighted the biggest indirect benefits of FORS were increased work winning over competitors and improved customer satisfaction.

Nearly half of its members (47%) reported a reduction in the cost of their annual fleet insurance greater than £1,000.

‘FORS is an evolving programme which has maintained its position as the go to best practice accreditation scheme across the industry because it is able to adapt to the changing needs of the industry,’ said Mr Hix.

‘We look forward to continuing this journey with our growing membership base in 2020 and beyond.’