Electric cars are becoming an attractive business proposition for high-mileage vehicle operators like Uber in key EU capitals, a new study reveals.

A new report by the research and campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E) says medium-sized battery electric cars (EV) are on average 14% cheaper to run than equivalent diesels today, if slow charging overnight near home and/or fast charging at preferential rates are available.

The taxi and ride-hailing markets are best positioned to go fully electric first, according to the study. The economics of EVs - more expensive to buy but a lot cheaper to run - match perfectly with high-mileage, low-margin businesses like ride-hailing and taxis.

‘This is a win-win-win situation for drivers, citizens and the planet,’ said Yoann Le Petit, new mobility expert with T&E.

‘The sooner Uber and taxis go 100% electric, the sooner citizens will enjoy cleaner air and quieter neighbourhoods, the planet will have less climate-wrecking emissions and drivers will earn more money.

‘If Uber wants to lead the change and be part of the solution for our cities, then the company should commit to 100% electric rides by 2025 in key European capitals.’

Dr Le Petit continued: ‘In the fight against climate change and air pollution, city dwellers need to be able to commute less, cycle more and hop on the bus or metro more often.

‘But to realise the goal of cleaner cities, authorities will also need to clean up the car fleet too. It makes perfect economic and climate sense to fully electrify high-mileage vehicles like Ubers and taxis.

‘Cities have a crucial role in the ecological transition, providing the right incentives so drivers switch to EVs, and building up the charging network so they can operate easily.’

Image: Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com.