Dennis Eagle traditionally used to send its newly built RCVs from its manufacturing facility in Warwick to the paintshop in Aldridge near Birmingham. This meant the vehicles had to be driven there to be painted, and then be driven back to Warwick.

For 24 vehicles a week this cost 68,000 litres in fuel per year. Dennis Eagle decided that this wasn't acceptable, and secured the empty site next to its existing facility. Now the chassis manufacturing plant for the RCV manufacturer is based in the new facility.

“We have changed our whole site around, and put our paint facility in the middle of the factory, meaning that we can now manufacture the RCV, paint it, install the pipe work and electronics, add the finishing touches and send the vehicle off to the client,” explains Norman Thoday, MD of Dennis Eagle. He states that this development underlines the message that Dennis Eagle is and will remain a British product, even though mother company Ros Roca is Spanish.

“We have just signed a leasing agreement for the next 20 years on both adjacent manufacturing facilities, which sends a strong message to our customer base and workforce that we will remain manufacturing a truly British product.”