Weighing solution provider, VWS launched a smart weighing solution called Apollo Live for customer Eastern Concrete over a year ago. Now the organisation is in complete control of its on-site data, reports LAPV.

Apollo Live consists of an axle and gross vehicle axle bridge that provides real-time weight data and features ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) identification for integrated security barrier control.

As the vehicle drives over the axle bridge, ANPR and weight data, including individual and gross axle weights, is captured and sent to the VWS Live secure portal. The operator can view the information in a real-time environment, while the system can reliably identify vehicles by using their ANPR data as they approach the barrier and control access via the portal.

The portal has a customisable dashboard so users can see the exact information they need at the touch of a button, and the addition of an API (Application Programming Interface) means that the data can be made accessible to third party applications. 

Trevor Evans, VWS Operations Director, said: 'Previously vehicle operators had to rely on manual or traditional methods, such as downloading the weight data to a memory card and physically visiting the axle bridge. Apollo Live does not require any physical retrieval of data. It enables customers to make immediate changes to overloaded vehicles to ensure they comply with safety legislation. The ANPR identification means that they can ensure that only approved vehicles are granted access on-site.'

By recording vehicle movements in and out of premises, businesses can better account for on-site personnel, and therefore enhance their duty of care and safety procedures. The live weighing data enables companies to make immediate changes to overloaded vehicles to ensure they comply with safety legislation.

Stowmarket-based Eastern Concrete has been using the Apollo system with great success for over a year.

Dan Lummis, Transport and Maintenance Manager, Eastern Concrete commented: 'The Apollo Live system is a useful addition to our operations. Not only does it provide very accurate and immediate weight data, but we are also using it to control, and monitor, who comes in and who goes out of our premises. We have a list of approved registration plates, and the ANPR system automatically checks if vehicles entering the site are on that list. If they are not, the security barrier will remain closed, and we can check before permitting entry.'