The Vredo Turf Fix will renovate diverse fine turf surfaces from bowling greens to less accessible areas such as around bunkers, water features, bridges, gardens or even war graves, all to professional sports pitch standards. The 0.85m width lightweight unit only requires a low hp output for power and is designed to be hitched onto/towed by a professional grass mower. The Vredo double disc system is still a feature of the Turf Fix.

However, the Turf Fix is a three in one machine with applications for overseeding, top aeration and top dressing. This added versatility is facilitated by removing the discs and hopper and adding a spiker attachment. Or the third option is the sanding attachment which utilises a disc coulter system with a different hopper and metering technique.

Not every outdoor sports pitch facility has its own integral irrigation scheme and increasingly contractors are required to “grow in” sports fields, once construction is complete. Without an irrigation system this is almost impossible to achieve.

Campey has developed a mobile irrigation unit which is based on a roll-on-roll-off system that can be delivered and set up quickly and conveniently. The unit is sited within close proximity to the sportsfields and is then able to deliver water to specific areas quickly and efficiently.

The standard self contained unit measures 7m by 2.5m by 2.5 m. It has capacity to hold approx 28 cubes of water with pumping options for a 240 volt or 3 phase power set up.

The unit provides adequate irrigation potential for most sports field/landscaping projects and can be used with static sprinklers or larger mobile rain guns. It is capable of outputting in excess of 8m3 water per hour at pressure of 6 Bar.

The PVG-96 is a portable vibratory soil screener powered by a 6.5hp petrol engine. This gives a vibratory motion via a twin eccentric action and is designed for loading with tractor buckets or skidsteer loaders up to 84” wide. It is capable of re-cycling and screening sand, soil, gravel and various other materials for use on golf courses and sports fields. Highly mobile it can easily be moved from site to site. Standard screen size is 19mm with an additional 10 screen size options.

Additional features allow the flow of material to be controlled by changing the pitch of the screen and restricting the volume of material passing over it. The Pro Screen PVG-12v-84 has similar qualities and functions but is powered by 2 x 12v batteries to power the 4000rpm vibratory motor and is suitable for loaders up to 78” wide. Other new equipment on the stand includes new models of Koro by Imants Top Maker and Recycling Dresser and Dakota Top Dressers.