Waste and resource management officials from all over the UK and Ireland will be heading for the sunny shores of Paignton again, to visit the CIWM conference and exhibition from the 12th -15th June, 2007.

The theme of this year's conference is that household and industrial waste is not rubbish - but a global resource.

The waste management industry in the UK is stepping up recycling to produce more 'raw' materials for industry. The challenge now is to find users for the material it produces. The objective is to turn waste into resources while ensuring this does not adversely impact on the environment.

Chris Murphy, deputy chief executive at CIWM, said: “As Europe becomes more dependant on exporting reclaimedwastes, the clash between multilateral environment agreements and trade policies is a major problem affecting waste management today.”

CIWM has lined up more than a 100 speakers to present topics related to this theme; they will be shedding some light over this challenging subject as well as providing effective solutions. The programme has been designed to stimulate debate in order to create a more inclusive and forward-view on waste as a global resource.

The sessions will include briefings, technical sessions on the development of strategic policy, resource recovery, achieving landfill diversions and recycling targets and evaluating options for the treatment and disposal of waste.

This year's conference programme will be bigger than ever, with speakers from both government and industry.

The exhibition

The exhibition will feature around 350 stands in which the latest and most advanced technology and services are showcased. LAPV gives an overview with a pick of the best in the following section.

AVERY WEIGH-TRONICS is showcasing its new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, which is designed to improve the speed, ease and accuracy of weighbridge data collection for waste operators. Visitors to stand number T76 can also view the company's Weighman weighbridge software, a compactor usage monitoring system and its forklift truck scale.

Developed in conjunction with ADT, the UK's leading provider of electronic fire and security solutions, the ANPR system is a closed-circuit television (CCTV)-based application that uses specialist cameras to identify, log and monitor vehicle number plates.

When used as part of a weighbridge system, the vehicle will approach the 'bridge to be weighed and the camera will record its registration number. This is converted into an ASCII file and, once it is recognised by the system, the vehicle will be weighed and processed. On exiting the site, the ANPR will identify the registration number again and the weighbridge will capture the empty vehicle weight so that the amount of waste it tipped can be calculated.

Campbell Deas, general manager for transport at Avery Weigh-Tronix told LAPV: “In the era of the Landfill Allowance Tax, waste has to be traceableso organisations involved in disposal must be certain about the type of waste being tipped, where it comes from and how much is in each load.

“Developments such as ANPR technology automate data entry for simpler and faster operation, helping to minimise input errors and reduce vehicle queuing times.”

BARTEC SYSTEMS is the company behind Waste Collector LiveTrack!, a system which copes with the problems of giving operators the information they need to deal with householders quickly and courteously. Waste Collector LiveTrack! links together everyone involved in domestic waste collection - drivers, depot managers and call centre staff with access to the same real-time information. Councils can now give seamless customer service because everyone knows what is happening, all of the time.

“Waste collection is changing. Separate bins and fortnightly collections are encouraging householders to change the way they throw out waste, and pay by weight is looming over the horizon.

It's good for the environment but not all householders like it. Bins are overloaded, stolen, contaminated and not presented. Side waste is put out and recycling is ignored. False complaints are made that bins were missed, to try and obtain a second collection,' comments Tim Hobbs, MD Of Bartec Systems.

How does the system work? Imagine a householder who contacts the call centre to enquire why his bin hasn't been emptied. At the touch of a button Waste Collector LiveTrack! shows why the collection has not happened or when it is due. Perhaps the crew recorded the bin as 'not presented' or 'overloaded' and deliberately left it. Or maybe they have been delayed.

The call centre has the information instantly and can close the enquiry on the first phone call ' either arranging a recall or advising the customer why their bin was refused. The householder has been spared a long wait for information and the Council has eliminated a substantial paper trail through the depot and the driver.

Improved customer service is just one of the many benefits of Waste Collector LiveTrack!, which include higher recycling rates, fewer crew recalls and reduced admin time. The system offers a range of features which can be enhanced as user requirements grow.

The standard system combines a cabmounted touch screen information system and a web-based back office system. Optional extras include RFID bin readers, integration with weighing equipment (paving the way to 'pay-as you-throw') and mobile computers for recycling wardens. Waste Collector LiveTrack! can integrate with your existing CRM system.

Visitors can find Bartec Systems demonstrating LiveTrack! on stand T103. BRADSHAW ELECTRIC VEHICLES, located on stand M11, will be showcasing a number of new and updated vehicles. The new PCM800 makes light work of moving roll cages, Danish trolleys or any heavy flat bed trolley. It can move single or double trolleys up to 800kg with fingertip control using an adjustable tiller.

The powerful 400-watt motor with onboard charger makes this compact unit ideal for most busy logistic environments. Safety is assured due to an electronic speed controller with high and low speed settings, its high visibility yellow colour, emergency isolator, and horn. Simple controls and a turning circle of only 1250mm make the PCM800 a highly manoeuvrable load puller.

Bradshaw's FB3 has been substantially upgraded to improve its safety, comfort and handling. Power steering is standard and it is the ideal basic platform for general-purpose load carrying on and off-road, in any environmentally sensitive area. Its range is over 40 miles at up to 12mph before recharging, its loadcarrying capacity is 2.5 tonnes, and it doubles as a four tonne tow vehicle.

Available in many configurations, Bradshaw will be bringing the model with the tipping body to the show. Finally, the pedestrian-controlled PC40 will also be at the show ' this is Bradshaw's most popular waste handling vehicle and is also available with a number of body options. The caged body model, ideal for kerbside recycling schemes or litterbin emptying, will be on the stand. This vehicle is highly manoeuvrable, with many safety features, making it perfect for use in a crowded pedestrian area.

ECON ENGINEERING, a UK manufacturer of winter and multipurpose highway maintenance equipment, will again be at CIWM showing the latest equipment and technology.

An Econ Unibody will be on the stand ' now adapted to operate as a pre-wet spreader if required. Its 3-way tipping body with a full length auger for asphalt handling and salt spreading, split load facility and on-board equipment storage make it one of the most popular multipurpose maintenance vehicles on the market.

Econ will also be showing the Mark II version of the Spargo control box. The easy-to-use joystick control has been retained and there is now a clearerscreen as well. The same model is now used for both the Unibody and Zero C spreader with matching fascia and controls lay-out.

Buttons to activate the GPS system and bi-directional capability as well as the tip facility on the Unibody have also been added.

HAKO & MULTICAR - Hako's 'cradleto- grave' ethos sees the company adhering to environmental principles from design through to manufacture, then operation and finally disposal of product. Hako machines displayed on stand M20 (Middle Green) benefitting from this ethos include the complete Citymaster range - the 2000, 1200, 300 & 90 - as well as a vehicle from the Multicar range. In addition, there will be the UK launch of a new vehicle.

Citymaster 2000 is of a compact sweeper design. Based on an automotive chassis the sweeper has a high level of operator comfort and 4- wheel steering complemented by the latest Euro IV engine, which offers the best fuel efficiency in its class.

Citymaster 1200 is a 4-wheel drive articulated sub-compact sweeper. Its rugged design and reliable Yanmar engine has made this machine a versatile choice for the Municipal market as well as the market leading subcompact sweeper in the UK.

Citymaster 1200 Street Washer will be receiving its UK launch at CIWM. The Street Washer is a scrubbing unit that will also collect the dirty water. Based on the Citymaster 1200 sweeper's chassis, the new machine has the narrow profile and the manoeuverability required to cope with the tighter areas in modern city centres.

Hako Machines will also be showing the Multicar. This versatile attachment carrier has proved a huge success on the continent and Hako Machines is seeking to emulate that success here in the UK. Neil Parton, Hako's Municipal Sales Manager, will be on stand M20 to talk about Hako's equipment and its environmental benefits and will be joined by Multicar Product Manager, Brian Croll.

LETSRECYCLE.COM and LOCAL AUTHORITY PLANT & VEHICLES (LAPV) will be sharing Stand SG30A at this year's CIWM. Here, the UK's favourite local authority transport and heavy equipment magazine will be given away free to visitors. Letsrecycle.com will be showing a number of its products as well as providing access to its popular website.

SCHMIDT UK is taking its full range of compact, sub-compact and walkbehind sweepers to the CIWM Conference and Exhibition The range is being demonstrated at stand No. 31, at both the Clean Streets demonstration area and the Vehicle Health and Safety demonstration. Other members of the 'Schmidt sweeper family' will also be on show.

The aim is to demonstrate dynamic high productivity, efficiency and environmental friendliness using the subcompact Swingo 100 at the new Clean Streets demonstration area. The new Euro 4, Swingo 150 compact sweeper will also be at the new Vehicle Health and Safety demonstration area.

Schmidt will be explaining inherent health and safety features as well as the impact that the new EU PM10 standards will have on the industry, Local Authorities, contractors and other operators. The walk-behind Citygo 30 and the Swingo will also be on show.

RED FORGE LTD, a leader in all forms of Axle Load Indication and On-Board Weighing for commercial vehicles, will be featuring its products on Stand N25. “Here, engineers will be on hand to demonstrate a wide selection of some of the foremost items of technology available in the market today,” announces Ian Moody, Senior Sales Engineer.

Of special interest is an example of the link-up between their Axle Load Indication products and vehicle telemetry systems which enable a fleet manager to exercise his or her 'duty of care' and also to maximise profitability. These systems are available on all rigid vehicles from car-derived vans to 32- tonne heavy goods vehicles.

A memory function and the ability to output to printers and packing plate cutouts (for refuse vehicles) complete the package, putting the control of a vehicle back into the hands of the Olicence holder, and giving users peaceof- mind.

Red Forge can also help with any certified systems, in line with the new 'pay-by-weight' legislation currently under development. These systems allow the waste operator to charge each customer accurately for the waste that they throw away, and therefore maximise their profitability. Don't miss your chance to visit Red Forge on stand N25!