The new vehicles have been manufactured by Terberg who have partnered with the UK company, Electra, to develop an electric model of the side-loading RCV.

The purchase is part of the council’s Fleet Strategy 2020-2030 which seeks to end the use of all petrol and diesel vehicles across the council by 2030.

If the plans are approved, the council will have provisionally secured four production slots for electric powered side lifting vehicles: two to be delivered in autumn 2022 and two in 2023-24.

Each vehicle costs in the region of £580,000. A Low Emission grant of up to £25,000 will be payable by the Government for each of these vehicles.

It is estimated that the carbon saving arising from using four electric side lifting RCVs rather than diesel will reduce the council’s carbon emissions by 10.5 tonnes per annum. It will also improve air quality across Brighton.

In their report on the purchase, the Policy & Resources Committee noted: ‘In light of the new technology for these RCVs and the high cost of each vehicle, it has been agreed with the supplier to include a break clause in the contract after delivery and trial of the first vehicle.

‘However, research and knowledge of previous work with these manufacturers gives a high level of confidence that the new electric side-lifting vehicles will be successful.’