Aebi Schmidt‘s digital solutions, available via its unique IntelliOPS platform, give public sector transport managers intelligent and up-to-date tools to monitor, control and optimise their sweeping, cleaning, clearing and mowing operations, allowing management decisions to be taken swiftly and effectively.

They are also ideal for managing and optimising winter maintenance activities, including gritting and spreading, and can manage all vehicle brands through one system.

Aebi Schmidt’s digital solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer who wants to:

  • plan overall operations or individual routes and jobs more efficiently as well as monitor them more easily
  • control individual operations from the workplace and influence them in real time
  • clearly present, report and document performance to customers, the public, employers or other stakeholders – in line with legal requirements where necessary
  • optimise and automate processes, procedures and material planning activities in general or for individual elements and routes

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