Many local authorities operate sustainable transport policies – and for now that movement is firmly centred on a growing transition to electric vehicles across all spheres of operation.

The current and growing interest in electrification is part of a wider, green drive for sustainable and clean methods of transportation across local authorities as they strive to meet carbon reduction targets in all forms of vehicles and equipment they operate. The move to electrification is certainly one of the key developments in the search for sustainable transport and one that Switzerland-based Aebi Schmidt Group fully embraces – and the eSwingo 200+ is Aebi Schmidt’s first all-electric sweeper.

eSwingo 200+ – clean, quiet and cost-efficient

The zero emission, fully electric eSwingo 200+ is not just one of the cleanest – one machine can save up to 158 kg of CO2 per day during normal operations – and quietest compact sweepers available, it’s also regarded as one of the most cost-efficient. With lower operating costs compared to diesel models, thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer operating life, the eSwingo 200+ not only helps the environment but also boosts the bottom line. The all-electric sweeper offers both local authorities and private service providers sustainable cutting-edge technology and an inclusive package covering all service, maintenance and performance needs.

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