Future Fleet Forum 2018 will take place from 24-25 January in London. An exhibition of the latest vehicles and technologies will run alongside Future Fleet Forum from 24-25 January 2018 in London. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see.

Day one will see a high-profile fleet management conference and panel discussion with the awards ceremony taking place in the evening. Day two features a series of interactive workshops covering everything from safety to skills and interoperability to procurement.

If you are a public sector fleet management professional and you have not already done so, don't forget to sign up to attend Future Fleet Forum 2018 at www.futurefleetforum.co.uk. The event is FREE to attend for public sector professionals and by attending both days you could gain up to 8.5 CPD hours certified by CILT.

Advanced Vehicle Alarms, stand 1

The 2018 edition of Future Fleet Forum will see the first appearance by Advanced Vehicle Alarms, a supplier and business service partner of Brigade Electronics.

The company will be featuring Brigade products such as Backeye360, bbs-tek, camera monitor systems, mobile digital recording, Sidescan ultrasonic sensors, and Backsense, and staff will be on hand to talk visitors through the installation of these systems and offer advice on meeting industry safety standards.

'High quality vehicle safety devices such as those offered by Brigade are only effective if fitted by trained auto electricians,' explained AVA managing director Samuel Scott.

'AVA provides installation on commercial vehicles from cars to refuse vehicles and mobile plant equipment, and we are well known in the industry for our commitment to service and efficiency'

Visitors can talk to AVA about meeting FORS, CLOCS, and Skanska specifications as well as the Mayor of London's proposed new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for vehicles operating in the capital from 2020. The company can also advise on reducing insurance premiums for fleet operators, noise and safety issues, vehicle security, alarms, locks, and tracking systems.

'We also offer Brigade's lease scheme package, which can save vast sums in corporation tax for those struggling to equip fleets with all the new safety measures required,' added Samuel.

Aebi Schmidt, stand 2

The latest Euro 6-compliant Swingo 200+ street sweeper will be on display on the Aebi Schimdt UK stand at this year's Future Fleet Forum. Combining powerful telematics and fleet monitoring technology with lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, lower noise, and improved operator comfort, the new Swingo is designed to be as environmentally and user friendly as possible.

The Peterborough-based winter maintenance and sweeping specialist will also have its Street King 660 large-sized sweeper on show.

'This has been attracting a lot of attention from public sector fleet and plant managers,' said Aebi's Katerine Daunt.

'It was launched last September and we have already had a number of orders from customers impressed by its array of special features, faster working times, and lower operating costs'

Katerine adds that the company will use the event as a showcase for its newest technology and says visitors will have an opportunity to see the very latest machines.

'Future Fleet Forum is very much in line with our company ethos of being innovative and forward looking, and our latest machines have been designed with the future in mind. This includes our new Evolution Smart (ES) control panel, our top-of-the-range control system that is found in the majority of Aebi Schmidt equipment, including the Street King 660'

The Street King 660's main functions are all controlled through the ES control system, either with the click-turn-push knobs, soft-key buttons or a capacitive 7-inch colour touchscreen. The system is also compatible with many new and exciting technologies like the Schmidt DMi telematics package.

Aebi Schimdt UK managing director Richard Bryant and local area sales manager David Strachan will be on hand to answer questions from visitors.

Allison Transmission, stand 15

A software package that improves fuel economy while maintaining performance and reliability will be on show at the Allison Transmission stand. Fuel Sense 2.0 was launched in 2017 and has demonstrated the highest potential fuel savings in the most demanding, heavy start/stop-duty cycles, particularly those with vehicles operating in cities and congested urban areas.

In keeping with Future Fleet Forum's focus on the technologies of tomorrow, Allison will also be previewing its first nine-speed transmission that is set to launch in 2020.

'With a deep first gear ratio and excellent ratio coverage, the Allison nine-speed transmission provides significant fuel savings as the highly-efficient gear train allows the torque converter to lock up early in first gear,' explained market development manager Nathan Wilson.

'It also includes an integral engine stop/start system that provides immediate transmission engagement and vehicle hold while the engine is restarted'

Nathan will be present at the event to meet with public sector fleet managers and discuss the transmission specification decisions facing fleets in fire, construction, refuse, road maintenance and distribution.

'In these lines of work, vehicle failure is not an option, which is why Allison continues to develop fully-automatic transmissions that can handle difficult conditions and perform at peak level, every single day, while delivering fuel efficiency, superior performance and outstanding vehicle safety,' he said.

Main sponsor: Assetworks, stand 6

Visitors to the exhibition can learn more about integrated and customisable solutions, including Capital Asset Management (CAM) and the Smartapps suite of mobile applications, at the Assetworks stand.

CAM is an integrated asset management solution that can support the common tasks and decisions that asset managers need to make on a daily basis.

The software is designed to help determine the optimal life cycle for an asset, plan and budget for new and replacement assets, manage the process of requesting, ordering and receiving assets, and manage the disposal processes at the end-of-life.

Capital Asset Management is the first asset management solution that can be integrated with any fleet maintenance application.

'Our Smartapps suite of mobile applications offers fleets convenience, ease-of-use and integration of each application with the Fleetfocus fleet management solution,' said Nick Hill, director of new business and sales at Assetworks.

'Each application in the suite was designed with fleet professionals in mind, so they can go about their daily tasks with the convenience of mobile technology and the power of Fleetfocus'

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, stand 22

'Electric vehicles have a positive role to play in reducing transport emissions,' said Emma Stutz, marketing manager for Bradshaw Electric Vehicles.

'Over the past 30 years, we've seen first-hand how they can help our local authority customers to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Future Fleet Forum is a great opportunity to meet with fleet managers to showcase our new range of Goupil electric road vehicles, share our knowledge, and understand future needs'

Goupil electric road vehicles are designed especially for fleet last mile delivery and service operations and come in 11 models. They have N1 and L7e road approval and are compact and manoeuvrable, with a maximum speed of 31 mph, a range of 50 miles, and a payload of up to 1,200kg. They are also silent, have zero emissions, and come with a lithium-ion battery option for a faster recharge.

'We introduced the range in the UK earlier this year,' said Emma.

'The vehicles are designed from the ground up as 100% electric vehicles and are made by Goupil, part of the Polaris Group. These are innovative European-manufactured commercial vehicles with a modular design that allows a multitude of body types to be fitted. It means there's a huge range of options, including a pick-up, tipper, pressure washer, leaf collector, waste collector, cage body, van body, and more'

CMS Supatrak, stand 16

CMS Supatrak will be showcasing its partnerships with manufacturers alongside its latest technological developments, including telematics systems that can be either standalone or manufacturer-fitted to major brands.

'We'll be focusing on technology and devices that help public sector fleet managers save money and sleep at night,' said MD Jason Airey.

'We can help fleet managers improve safety for staff and ensure both vehicle and driver compliance, as well as reducing operating costs and meeting emission targets'

CMS recently partnered with Garmin to develop a range of connected navigation devices that integrate CMS telematics technology with Garmin's range of vehicle navigation devices.

'This is helping to reduce driver distraction by providing one in-cab screen for all vehicle telematics, navigation and workforce management,' said Jason.

'Visitors to the show will be able to talk directly to our experts and hear about other local authorities we're already working with. We will have devices on hand to demonstrate how our technology works so you can see first-hand the ease and adaptability of our systems and we will be able to show you the savings and improvements that have been achieved'

C-trace, stand 17

The C-trace stand will major on the future of waste management operations and efficiency savings. The company combines some of the industry's most advanced software with top quality hardware and full support services to optimise operational efficiency.

From its UK base in Cambridge, C-trace already provides customers with a comprehensive range of products and services covering every aspect of waste and recycling collections. However, from its headquarters in Germany, it operates across Europe and beyond, providing innovations not yet adopted by the UK for further operational efficiencies.

'Our software is available as individual modules so you can simply use what you need,' said UK sales director Ian Martin.

'It integrates seamlessly with other financial management software so is quick and easy to set up'

Software modules that C-trace will demonstrate at Future Fleet Forum include bin management; calculation and billing; collection scheduling; tracking and identification; route optimisation; Internet portals for admin; mapping tools; and apps. The company will also showcase its certified dynamic weighing system.

In addition, visitors can find out about RFID container identification services and mobile order management device.

Ian Martin added: 'We are not only providing everything UK operators want now but also the groundwork for the future. We are already successfully providing many new concepts such as domestic pay-by-weight collections in other countries. We believe Future Fleet Forum is the right place to introduce new ideas to the UK so they can become tomorrow's reality'

Main sponsor: Dennis Eagle/Terberg Matec, stand 8

Dennis Eagle and Terberg are hoping to use Future Fleet Forum 2018 as an opportunity to gain feedback from customers and discuss current and future issues for the industry.

'The exhibition provides us with a platform to discuss these issues with participants from a wide cross sector of industry, ranging from academics and industry bodies to the authorities and individuals who use our products and services on a daily basis,' said sales and marketing director Richard Taylor.

'This helps us to better understand the challenges facing the market so we can continue developing solutions to meet and overcome these'

An understanding of the issues facing operators transporting heavy-duty construction materials in and around London informed the development of the latest addition to Dennis Eagle's Urban Safety Vehicle range, which will be on show at the event.

The 6x2 rear-steer tractor unit is capable of carrying up to 44 tonnes. It was developed in partnership with Explore Transport and features Dennis Eagle's Elite 6 cab, which offers excellent direct visibility. Narrowed 'A' and 'B' pillars aid peripheral vision to give an unobscured view and prevent traffic disappearing from sight, while longer, panoramic windows give enhanced over-the-shoulder visibility at junctions. The cab is also positioned closer to the road, giving drivers a better sense of the vehicle's proportions and improved visibility of cyclists.

Visitors to the stand can find out more about the Urban Safety Vehicle range as well as other technologies such as the Dennisconnect telematics system.

'Our offering is continually evolving to help our customers adapt in the face of changing legislation and more stringent targets,' said Richard.

'Our expertise in the waste and recycling sector can offer significant benefits across other industries and we are keen to engage with any businesses looking to improve fleet safety'

Epic Media, stand 11

Visitors to Epic Media Group's stand will be able to see live demonstrations of just how quickly fleet graphics can be changed using the company's graphics system. Epic will also have sample graphics available to show to visitors.

'We will be showcasing our full range of fleet graphics,' said owner Kevin Murton.

'From our changeable graphic system to our full and partial vehicle wraps, we have a solution for every requirement. We also offer cab kits, depot signage and a range of bespoke printed rear-safety curtains for RCVs'

Delegates at the event will be able to book a free vehicle audit. 'Trained staff will go out to the client's depots and offer further advice on how we can work with them to ensure their fleet carries the best graphics and messaging to reach their chosen audience'

The company is also looking for feedback on how it can continue to improve the standard of vehicle livery, while taking into account cost pressures and new legislation. 'We are also looking forward to celebrating innovation at the awards event,' adds Kevin.

Faun Zoeller, stand 3

Visitors interested in alternative fuels should visit the Faun Zoeller stand, where the company is taking advantage of the forward-looking Future Fleet Forum platform to highlight its work in this sector. The company's first hydrogen-powered Rotopress RCV is currently on trial in Berlin, and it will be focusing on the latest innovations and technologies at the event.

'We want to lead the way in alternative fuel options,' explaine the company's commercial director Stewart Gregory.

'The team will be on hand to talk to visitors about what the future of waste management will look like'

FDI European and WNV, stand 5

Find out more about vehicle cleaning solutions on the FDI-European and WNV-systems stand. The company manufactures, installs and maintains all types of manual and automatic wash systems and water reclamation equipment, and is offering a number of money-saving concepts specifically to visitors with vehicle fleets that need to meet mandatory cleaning requirements for local authority vehicles.

'We have an automatic cold-water, low-pressure, vehicle under-chassis wash, which currently cleans six-wheeled RCVs ready for MoT inspection in 40 minutes,' said FDI's Alex Elbrow.

'Or, we have a soft brush-enabled thorough clean of all vehicle body shapes via a gantry that can clean any size with reclaimed water and approved biodegradable detergents, with a fresh water rinse within five minutes for the largest vehicle'

FDI also offers an automatic vehicle wash programme selection system for each individual vehicle in the fleet. 'This enables the selection of the exact programme for that vehicle only,' explained Alex.

'It eliminates operator selection problems, vehicle and/or machine damage and can provide regular management information'
The company also has a wash water collection and recycling system that will accept rain water catchment and has its own 24/7 dosing system, regardless of use or shut down, treating and eliminating bacteria including Legionellosis.

FDI and WNV offer systems for purchase, rental, lease and operating lease, and visitors to Future Fleet Forum can find out more about all the options, as well as booking a free-of-charge site survey.

FORS, stand 10

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) will also be present at Future Fleet Forum to speak to delegates about how they can improve their company's safety performance.

This voluntary accreditation scheme for commercial fleets promotes best practice to improve safety, efficiency and environmental performance in the sector, and will be using its presence at Future Fleet Forum to meet existing members and talk to new members or specifiers.

Visitors can find out more about the scheme, get advice on their accreditation, or find out about new products and services for members.

Main sponsor: Geesinknorba, stand 4

Future Fleet Forum will see the UK unveiling of the world's first fully-electric, rear-loading RCV, the Li-On Power Pro from Geesinknorba.

'The Li-On Power Pro represents a true landmark on the timeline of the waste and recycling,' says UK business director Mick Hill.

'Our Li-On technology is tried, tested and proven. It has been successfully powering the lifting, compacting and packing mechanisms of our hybrid vehicles since 2013. And the body is our best-selling GPM IV, developed and launched in 2015. Now we have combined the two to produce a very practical all-electric vehicle'

The vehicle is the result of a collaboration with Dutch electric vehicle specialists Emoss and has been designed for urban environments that typically feature short journeys between collections and short overall routes. Operational trials began in Spain in spring 2017.

The Li-On Power Pro emits no CO2, NOX or particulates, so it can be used in low emission zones. It is also very quiet, and therefore ideal for early morning and late night collections, which can extend fleet working hours.

'The limiting factor, of course, is the amount of energy a heavily-laden RCV needs to drive around routes. But several aspects of the Li-On Power Pro ensure the sums add up,' said Mick.

'Firstly, while the weight and volume of batteries is significant, there's no diesel engine. That also means less wear and tear, fewer parts to go wrong and no diesel or Adblue to pay for and haul around. And the GPM IV body was designed with energy efficiency in mind'

Johnston Sweepers, stand 9

Johnston Sweepers has focused heavily on the development of alternative fuels and will be bringing all its latest innovations in this area to show customers at Future Fleet Forum.

The company is committed to producing equipment that incorporates the latest technological advances in performance, efficiency, running costs and impact on the environment, and believes that sustainable sweepers are the way forward.

'Our brand new world-class manufacturing plant in Surrey embodies our commitment to sustainable sweeper production in the UK,' said sales and marketing manager Graham Howlett.

'And it incorporates all the latest energy-saving equipment, processes and technologies'

As part of the company's continued focus on new fuel technologies, the Johnston engineering team has worked with engine and chassis manufacturers to develop solutions for the future of cleaner sweeping, culminating in the launch of three alternative fuel options in 2016/17.

'We believe that CNG is the way forward for truck sweepers, as it is the cheapest and cleanest burning transportation fuel available,' said Graham.

'CNG contains significantly less CO2, NOx and particulate matter than diesel at around 60% of the cost. In September, we launched our brand new CNG-powered VS651 hydrostatic sweeper to the market'

Graham adds that as the electric option is favoured for small machines, Johnston also launched last year a fully-electric compact sweeper, capable of eight hours of driving time while producing zero emissions.

'We were also the first UK sweeper company to be granted approval to use hydrotreated vegetable oil as a fuel across our sweeper range. This requires no engine modifications and reduces hydrocarbons and NOx by almost a third.'

M6 Group, stand 12

The M6 Group is exhibiting for the first time at Future Fleet Forum in 2018, following its acquisition of the KNS brand earlier this year. The group will be exhibiting a KNS 26-tonne Demo at the event, which is based on the Mercedes Econic chassis with the Terberg Omni-Del Split Lift fitted to the rear.

Howeever, the group doesn't just supply new refuse vehicles.

'We can also offer repair and maintenance packages, full vehicle refurbishments, parts supply, new bespoke body build and vehicle hire,' said Dave Prince, sales and marketing director.

'For those customers located close to our premises, we can even MOT your vehicles at our DVSA-approved testing facility, which is also approved for IVA testing. Come and have a chat at Future Fleet Forum and we can see how we can help you'

Romaquip, stand 21

Kerb-sort recycling and winter maintenance is the focus of the Romaquip stand. The company currently has around 600 kerb-sort vehicles operating in the UK, and in 2017 announced new fleet roll outs to customers including Gloucester City, North Somerset, South Gloucester, Bath and NE Somerset, East Devon, Cheltenham and Gloucester and East Ayrshire.

Romaquip is known for its stainless steel vehicle bodies.

'These ensure our vehicles have a long life span and the lowest maintenance costs in the industry,' said UK sales manager Matt Patanden.

'In addition, our high payloads, low total life costs and long warranties and aftersales care means that operating our vehicles is an excellent investment'

Visitors to the company's stand at Future Fleet Forum can find out more about Romaquip's vehicles as well the latest safety features.