The telematics provider Webfleet Solutions has announced it is expanding its OEM.connect programme by utilising BMW and Mini CarData.

The programme enables vehicle manufacturers to connect their vehicles directly with Webfleet Solutions’ fleet management solution, WEBFLEET, eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware installations.

This integrated telematics solution makes it faster, easier and cheaper for fleet managers to benefit from rich OEM data, according to Webfleet Solutions. All that is needed to connect the vehicles is the vehicle identification number (VIN).

‘With the recent extension of our OEM.connect solution, customers can benefit from actionable, data-driven insights easily and quickly when using BMW and MINI CarData,’ said Taco van der Leij, vice president, Webfleet Solutions Europe.

‘Vehicles with line fitted connectivity will roll off the production line WEBFLEET ready. With data security and privacy our highest priority, the integrated solution will help fleet managers boost the efficiency, productivity and safety of their fleet operations.’

With OEM.connect, BMW and MINI passenger car customers can access the standard WEBFLEET applications, such as fleet performance reporting, trip data, GPS tracking, and fuel consumption, helping them to make informed, data-based decisions while assuring data security with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified service.

Instant notifications around vehicle diagnostics, such as tyre pressure warnings, enable the monitoring of a fleet’s health status in real time, helping fleet managers keep their drivers safe and minimise vehicle downtime.

All vehicle data is displayed within the WEBFLEET interface and can be accessed from anywhere via the WEBFLEET mobile app. OEM.connect also allows fleet managers with vehicles from different manufacturers to view all of them in a standardised way on a single platform, making comparison and analysis simple.