Verizon Connect has been ranked No. 1 in innovation for fleet management systems globally, according to the Commercial Telematics Vendors Competitive Ranking report from analyst firm ABI Research.

Criteria and considerations for the innovation category include: preventative maintenance, prognostics and analytics; vehicle, driver and cargo monitoring; open platforms; features; tech development; user interface (UI), and user experience (UX).

‘We are very proud of our No. 1 in innovation ranking, as it validates how we have harnessed the latest advancements in artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and Internet of Things (IoT) to allow our customers to transform how they do business,’ said Peter Mitchell, chief technology officer at Verizon Connect.

‘As a result, Verizon Connect has moved from delivering products to delivering extraordinary experiences for our customers so they can drive efficiency, productivity and safety, all while enabling them to get more work done.’

Verizon Connect offers a full suite of fleet and mobile workforce management solutions, serving commercial customers of any size.

In addition to leading in the Innovation category, Verizon Connect has been named an industry leader in implementation, taking into account market share, geographic coverage, vertical segments, partnerships, financial strength and solution options.

Verizon Connect ranked no. 2 overall among competitors, missing the top spot by a mere .3 points.