What will we be driving in 25 years' time? The closing discussion at Future Fleet Forumwill take a lively look into the future to examine some of the developments that our panel ' all experts in their field ' believe will shape fleets in years to come.

Five experts with backgrounds in chassis, body, telematics, refuse and street cleansing will predict how local authority vehicle design will develop over the next ten years based on current trends, developments and client requirements. During this interactive forum the audience is welcomed to add their own input and thoughts. The aim is to come up with a clear idea of what a local authority vehicle will look like in the next five to ten years and how this will impact the fleet managers operation.

The experts will look at the vehicles we use ' their bodies, their chassis, their size ' and the operations we run, from street cleansing to waste collection. There will be talk of telematics, of safety systems, of ergonomics and intelligent transport systems. And, most important of all, the session will be totally interactive with the audience invited to challenge the experts, ask questions and have their say.

Register at www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/register.aspx