In October, the Government announced that local authorities in England must provide a weekly food waste collection service by March 2026.

Sheffield City Council trialled a scheme with 8,200 households in summer 2022. However, the council has now asked for a delay.

A report by the council's Waste and Street Scene Committee said that the new food waste collection service would require new vehicles, more staff, and infrastructure development.

It said a deferment would allow the council to use the £3m earmarked for food waste for 2025/26 for the delivery of alternative climate change projects.

Speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield, committee chair Cllr Joe Otten said he was ‘disappointed’.

‘Sheffield ought to be at the front and not on the rear of issues likes this,’ he said.

‘Realistically, it is unlikely that we will go ahead any sooner than we have to.’

If the scheme is postponed, the Government would contact the council annually to discuss whether it could be introduced sooner.

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