Sporting a patented non-slip design with both shock & vibration dampening, RAM Mount is proving to be an essential system for any mobile electronics application.

With the ever expanding world of mobile technology becoming increasingly more significant in our day to day lives, whether it's for work or leisure, it's an industry committed to improving every aspect of our global connectivity and overall productivity, that we simply can't afford to go without.

RAM products have quickly become an essential mounting solution for a wide variety of industrial applications including rugged vehicles, fleet vehicles, military and defence, material handling and any other applications requiring a robust mounting solution.

“Incorporating a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening, our often imitated but never replicated patented mounting solutions are truly a one of a kind product that enhances the practicality and usability of every application they are used in,” says Rob Earley from Ram Mount UK.

“From customised mobile phone, GPS and iPad mounts to universal ruggedised laptop and industrial tablet mounts - with simplicity, reliability and functionality in mind, RAM products provide essential and incomparable support to all of the latest and greatest mobile electronics on the market today,” he adds.

With interchangeable bases individually manufactured for ease of use to connect any mount onto any surface, mounting has never been easier. Whether the driver requires a simple twist and lock suction mount for a handheld device or a robust multi-purpose mount for a laptop, tablet or marine console computer, RAM provides a solution for every application.

“Offering unrivalled mounting solutions to all industrialised electronics; the precision engineering of every single RAM component ensures optimal versatility, performance and durability. They're even tough enough to come with a lifetime warranty,” concludes Rob.