The day, which takes place on 9 September 2022, is a celebration of electric mobility, driving change to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

Alex Williams, head of Brand & Communications at Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, said: ‘As a pioneer of electric mobility and champion of sustainable transport, and with our ambitious plan to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions already in action, Renault Trucks is proud to be Electric Commercial Vehicle Sector Lead for World EV Day 2022.’

He continued: ‘The day gives us an opportunity to share our sustainability message, to connect with customers, and support them on their transition to a decarbonised transport future. There is no doubt that the pace is starting to increase, with Renault Trucks electric vehicles already in service in many countries, including in the UK with leading customers such as Warburtons, Tesco and Suez. For urban and semi-regional applications, Renault Trucks’ electric vehicles are the new normal for cleaner, quieter transport and logistics.’

Ade Thomas, World EV Day Founder, commented: ‘World EV Day 2022 is celebrating the companies and individuals pledging to #goev. We will be celebrating the progress made so far and highlighting where we can deliver changes, build partnerships, and drive the switch to electric.

‘We are delighted to announce Renault Trucks as World EV Day 2022 Electric Commercial Vehicle Sector Lead, as change makers in the industry supporting fleets to transition over to electric.’

Renault Trucks will focus on its fully electric current Renault Trucks E-Tech range from 3.1 – 26 tonnes GVW, with zero tailpipe emissions and quiet electric engines that allow access to inner city areas even with strict traffic restrictions.

From 2023, an all-electric Renault Trucks E-Tech offer will be available for each segment, namely distribution (E-Tech D), construction (E-Tech C) and long distance (E-Tech T).

The manufacturer has committed that 10% of its total sales (vehicles over 12t) will be electric by the end of 2025, rising to 50% in 2030 and by 2040, all its vehicle ranges will be 100% fossil-free.

In the UK and Ireland, Renault Trucks has committed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) status by 2030, driven by a nationwide transformation programme across the market company’s operations and dealer network.