New guidance to help fleet managers deal effectively with a fatal or serious road crash has been published.

Crisis management: Post-crash action and care, published by Global Fleet Champions explores the complications that can arise from a crash and outlines how fleet managers can introduce policies to enable a timely, appropriate and empathetic response, while learning from the experience.

The guidance includes advice from key industry players, including road safety consultant Andrew Spence-Wolrich, who explains how to develop a good post-crash management strategy.

MiX Telematics advises fleet managers how to use telematics effectively in order to identify the causes of a crash, including operational weaknesses that may have contributed.

Jonathan Bates, head of global marketing and a director at MiX Telematics, said: ;This report gives helpful guidance to assist fleet managers in moving from predominantly reactive strategies to more proactive methods.

'It has been developed in collaboration with a wide array of industry safety and post-crash experts and we believe that fleet managers will find it to be invaluable.'